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Máy đo OTDR arrow Máy đo OTDR FX150 - VeEX
Máy đo OTDR  FX150 - VeEX
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Máy đo OTDR FX150 - VeEX

Thông tin sản phẩm

Tên sản phẩm : Máy đo cáp quang VeEX
Mã sản phẩm
: VeEX-150
Hãng sản xuất : VeEx
Giá sản phẩm : Call
Tình trạng hàng : Còn hàng
Bảo hành : 12 tháng

FX300, TX300S, RXT, FX150, and MTTplus feature an OTDR optimized for the installation and troubleshooting of FTTx, PON, CATV, Mobile Backhaul, and Metro fiber networks

Platform Highlights (V300/RXT/FX150/MTTplus)

· Robust, compact hand-held design for demanding field test environments

· High resolution, 7.0” TFT color touch-screen viewable in any lighting conditions (FX150: 5.0”TFT color touch-screen)

· Fast boot-up time essential for fiber restoration

· Intuitive display, simple function keys and touch-screen for fast navigation and easy operation

· High-capacity internal data storage (>5,000 traces with 2Gbyte storage card)

· USB-A Host Interface supporting (V300/RXT/MTTplus):

· USB flash drives

· Fiber inspection probe connection

· Bluetooth dongle support for pairing with Mobile Smartphones and Tablet PCs

· 3G UMTS data card support

· Micro USB OTG port supporting (FX150):

· Micro USB flash drives

· Fiber inspection probes

· Ethernet (10/100T) LAN Interface supporting(V300/RXT/MTTplus):

· Remote control

· Transfer OTDR test data

· Perform software upgrades

· Basic IP testing (Ping, Trace route, Web browser)

· Built-in Wireless and Bluetooth options supporting (FX150 only):

· Software upgrades and uploading test data via wireless connection

· Pairing applications with Mobile Smartphones and Tablet PCs

· Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with capacity indicator, low voltage alarm and Auto-off function:

· V300 platform – 5200 mAH battery

· RXT platform - 8400 mAH battery

· V150 platform – 10,000 mAH battery

· MTTplus platform – 5400 mAH battery

· Continuous operation of > 8 hours per Bellcore TRNWT-001138 (platform dependent)

· ReVeal software to transfer fiber test data, upgrade software and perform remote control

· Fiberizer Cloud to upload fiber test data

· VeExpress to check/upgrade software and installed options status (not available on FX300 or FX150)

Key Features

· FTTx/PON optimized parameters for best dead zones for 1xN splitters and normal reflective events

· OTDR Aux port for Singlemode in-service measurements and live fiber detection with embedded power meter

· Dynamic range up to 45 dB - see range versions in section 4

· Event dead zone < 1m, attenuation dead zone < 5m

· Single, dual, triple, and quad wavelength options - 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 or 1650 nm

· Telcordia GR-196 and SR-4731.sor file formats

· Generate and save traces in.sor, V-Scout or pdf format

· Manual mode – user controls all setup and measurement parameters manually

· Auto mode with automated trace diagnostics, one-button setup and events detection

· V-Scout mode - Automated multi-pulse, multi-wavelength acquisition with link map icon based display (optional)

· Markers for distance, attenuation (2 markers) and splice loss measurements (5 markers)

· Universal 2.5 mm optical interfaces with inter-changeable optical adaptors (SC/FC/ST/LC) - Optional

· Power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe and VFL - Optional




    Wavelength (± 20 nm)



    Dynamic Range (dB)2

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Pulse width (ns)

    3, 10, 25, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 3000, 10000, 20000

    Event dead zone (m)3

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Attenuation dead zone (m)4

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Refer to Ordering Guide

    Distance Display Range (km)

    0.5 to 80

    0.5 to 400

    Distance Units

    Kilometers, meters, kilofeet, feet, miles

    Distance Measurement Accuracy (m)5

    ± (0.5 + resolution + 2x10-5 x L)

    Sampling resolution (m)

    0.08 to 7.6

    Sampling points

    Up to 128,000

    Loss resolution (dB)

    0.01 dB

    Attenuation Linearity (dB/dB)

    ± 0.05

    Group Index Range (IoR)

    1.2000 to 1.9000

    Measurement time

    Preset or Live (realtime)

    Internal memory capacity (SD card)

    >5,000 traces, Bellcore GR196 and Telcordia SR-4731 sor format

    Fiber analysis

    Automatic, 3 Pulse widths, event table, user defined PASS/FAIL thresholds

    Fiber type

    50/125 µm

    9/125 µm

    Intelligent Link Mapping (V-Scout)

    Link characterization with intuitive icons using Multi-pulse widths, multi wavelengths

    OTDR Laser safety

    IEC 60825-1, Class 1M

    Optical connectors (OTDR/LS)

    Fixed or Universal 2.5 mm, UPC or APC interface, FC/SC/ST/LC adaptors optional

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