LAUNCH: CELLTRON Advantage Digital Battery Tester


Franklin Electric Grid Solutions announced the addition of the CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital to the CELLTRON™ family of handheld battery testers. The Advantage Digital is a fast, user-friendly, premium handheld tester for measuring battery conductance, voltage, temperature and strap resistance in high-noise environments for a complete battery state-of-health analysis.

“This is an entirely new digital platform designed to outperform the existing handheld in every respect, while providing a high degree of continuity for current CELLTRON™ Advantage owners,” said Don Blust, Senior Product Manager at Franklin Electric Grid Solutions. “CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital offers the same user experience (though noticeably faster) than today’s CELLTRON™ Advantage and is compatible with all existing accessories.”

The CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital enables users to quickly conduct a full battery performance assessment that can be uploaded wirelessly to the web-based UNITE™ database for centralized data storage, proactive maintenance planning, and compliance reporting, allowing companies to be fully prepared when outages strike. With outages on the rise, having a sound and reliable UPS ready to go when needed is crucial from both an emergency and financial standpoint. Industry professionals can not only reduce downtime but also keep their companies in compliance with government standards when armed with the proper tools.

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