EXFO Optical Explorer OX1-EN


Model: OX1

Manufacturer: Exfo – Canada


Exfo optical explorer OX1 universal optical measuring device – An innovative, fast and easy-to-use fiber optic testing tool. OX1 verifies optical connections in seconds and automatically evaluates further when potential issues are suspected. This was the first optical multimeter (OFM)—an essential hand tool for fiber optic technicians (it can be compared to the multimeter used by electrical technicians). . OX1 offers many parameters such as attenuation (dB), photoresistance loss (dB), length (meters) and power (dBm).

Main features and applications of Exfo optical explorer OX1

  • Works with cable routes up to 40km in length (point to point)
  • Install, repair and maintain FTTx lastmile
  • No installation, no calibration required
  • Just one button automatically identifies the wavelength and measures it
  • 4″ touch screen displays all parameters
  • The system evaluates route quality according to 5-star standards
  • Diagnose the cause of the error and provide solutions to the measurer
  • Detect many error risks on the route (welds, connectors, bends, splitters…) and error locations
  • Check connection to splitter, detect ONT for FTTH last-mile network.
  • Displays fiber link KPIs (length, attenuation, ORL and capacity) in under 3 seconds, through single-end testing: saves time and costs
  • OX1 has integrated power measurement (OPM) and optical power generation (OLS) functions.
  • Battery operates 10 hours on 1 charge.
  • Use TestFlow software for connection.




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