EXFO MaxTester 730D is designed to test PON/FTTx networks with a dynamic range of 39/38dB, the ability to test through splitters up to 1:128. The machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, enhanced outdoor visibility, and a user-friendly interface.

MaxTester 730D has a large battery capacity, operating continuously for up to 12 hours. In addition, the machine also has many options for users such as VFL scanning, optical power measurement and USB connection to help you handle work faster.

With the latest innovative Swap-out connector design, users can easily switch connectors immediately without having to return to a repair center.

Outstanding features of EXFO MaxTester 730D

– MaxTester 730D has a sturdy design, small weight, and easy to use.

– 7-inch touch screen, increasing outdoor visibility.

– Event blind area 0.5m, attenuation blind area 2.2m, PON blind area 30m

– Continuous operating time up to 12 hours.

– Optional power measurement, VFL, live wavelength measurement (1650nm)

– iOLM integration: Display measurement results in the form of route diagrams with intuitive icons, easily evaluating route quality via

– Swap-Out connector, replaceable whenever needed for optimal performance without service costs.

Application of EXFO MaxTester 730D

– Measure FTTx/PON network via splitter (maximum 1×128).

– Check access network (P2P).

– Troubleshooting active fiber optic networks.

– Check Metro link (P2P).

Technical specifications of EXFO MaxTester 730D

Content Specifications
Model MaxTester 730D (MAX-730D)
Brand/Origin EXFO/Canada
Wavelength 1310/1550/1625/1650
Dynamic range 39/38/39/39 dB
Installation distance 0.1 to 400 km
Pulse width 3 to 20 000 ns
Event Dead Zone (EDZ) 0.5m
Attenuation dead zone (ADZ) 2.2m
PON blind area 30m
Sampling resolution 0.04 to 10 m
Distance error ±(0.75 + 0.0025 % x measuring distance + sampling resolution)
Internal memory 2GB, 20,000 results
Screen 7inch color touch, 800 x 480 pixels
The battery Lithium, 12 hour operation
VFL (Option) > -1.5dBm (0.7mW)
OPM -60 to 23 dBm
Size 166 mm x 200 mm x 68 mm
Weight 1.5kg
Operating temperature –10 °C ~ 50 °C
Guarantee 12 months